Proven Monetization Methods For Small Business Websites

How to properly monetize a website is probably an issue more for the inexperienced internet marketers. Never ask for people to raise their hands if they've ever had a website that earned little to zero money. While their could be a whole host of reasons for lack of sales; the quality and type of traffic sent to a site will make a difference. One way to alleviate that problem is simply to test your offers using different traffic sources. But what we want to cover in this article are some proven methods to monetize your website.

Having text link ads on your website is an effective monetization method that has gained popularity.

There are some optimization methods you can use to make them more effective, but people do earn extra with them. These kinds of ad links obviously are a part of your content text, so they very easily integrate with your site and don't cause any issues with added clutter. You can either choose to sell text links directly, or use networks such as Text Link Ads to manage the whole process. A much easier way to monetize your site is by using contextual type ads from Kontera which consists of in-text ads in your content. You can identify these links easily and differentiate them from the normal ones as they come with a double underline. When your visitor rolls the mouse over this link, they'll see a small add pop up. The amount you get paid when anyone clicks through is not a flat rate, similar to Google Adsense, and you get paid when there is a click-through.

Again, if you are receiving traffic, you can hook-up with companies that will pay you to run surveys and polls on your site. The basic procedure is to enroll (sign-up) with these businesses, then choose what you want to put on your site in terms of a poll or a survey. The best part is that most of these services use a CPM advertising model.

All in all, the monetization tips that we discussed in the above article can be effective if your sites are applicable to the model. Of course, as well always tell people, the only way to find out what will work best is to test often. Also think about future applications because if you identify a winner, then look to see if you can do the same on other web properties.

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